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Who is Fat Unicorn?

Hello, we're Matt and Vic, your cheerful couple of marketing and design enthusiasts. We work together, live together and play together. You'll likely never meet a pair who get as excited as we do about the intricacies of digital marketing. It was actually a conversation about email marketing that made us goo-goo eyed for each other in the first place. Romantic huh?

Vic has been drawing and making stuff her entire life, her creative cogs never stop turning. She is also fascinated by the intricate workings and the power of language, so much so that she took this fascination to university and walked out with a French degree. The combination of natural creativity and linguistics is a valuable skill set. Being able to translate ideas into engaging content, visual or written, is a crucial ingredient to successful marketing, and one we're glad to share with you.

Matt is a marketer with an eye for engineering. He is exceptionally adept at understanding how things work and will gladly dismantle an object just to rebuild it again. His analytical and strategic approach to problem solving forms a strong foundation for any marketing project, web build or systems integration. Your business is a complex machine made from many parts. We can help you make those parts work together seamlessly.

Marketing Strategy

So what's the plan? Who is your target market, how can you reach them, and what is the most efficient way to do so?

It's easy to get carried away implementing unnecessary processes and platforms just because they're the status quo, but what does your business actually need in order to function effectively?

A Marketing Strategy serves as a valuable reference point when planning your marketing output. Establish what makes your product unique, who your target market is, and how you intend to reach them. With a Marketing Strategy in hand, you're in a stronger position to road map your marketing actions and goals for the next 12-months.

Our versatile skill set and experience in creative, technical, and analytical aspects of digital marketing has provided us with a unique, rounded insight into what businesses can do to optimise their output. We can help you establish the basic foundations of your Marketing Strategy and formulate an action plan that is compatible with your available resources.

Email Marketing

We've been working in the email marketing sector for years. In fact, that's how we met! We are specialists in sports and fashion email campaigning, a highly competitive market, where tone of voice, eye-catching templates and engaging subject lines are worth their weight in gold.

We can handle everything from helping you plan an email marketing strategy to designing and building your templates, plus ongoing campaign management and reporting. We can also advise you on effective data collection strategies that are compliant with current data protection regulations. Weekly newsletters, automated series and segmented targeted campaigns are just a few of the building blocks of successful email campaigning that really get us excited.

Put your email marketing in safe hands.

Website Design & Optimisation

Remember that restaurant with the excellent service that left your tastebuds tingling for more? That's how you want your customers to feel when they visit your website. Give them a smooth web browsing experience that's easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and communicates information efficiently and effectively.

I Need a Website

Getting established online does not have to be a trauma or lone battle. If you find yourself staring at a blank canvas wondering what on earth to do, we're here to help you get the ball rolling.

We can be as involved as you want us to be, from formulating a plan of action to full project management and design.

Our experience spans multiple platforms, including Magento 1, Magento 2 and Wordpress. If you don't need a content management system (CMS), we can offer a bespoke build service to create a stylish, user-friendly frontend experience that's not over engineered for your business requirements.

Graphic Design

Artwork for Promotional & Marketing Material

The artistic string to our bow. We can provide digital and print-ready artwork to support all manner of marketing campaigns. Big, small, thick and thin, from product catalogues to exhibition stands. Get in touch with your requirements, we'll scope the work and send you a quote.
Prices start at £35.

Photo Editing Service

Showcase your product in its best possible light. We can retouch your product images to remove any unwanted marks, reshape and enhance mannequin shots, remove and replace backgrounds with a white or transparent backdrop.

Copywriting & Editing

Putting pen to paper is easy. Communicating the message efficiently and effectively is wizardry. Save waving that wand around. Our linguistical skills are at the ready to translate your ideas into quality blurb that stays true to your brand voice and communicates your message clearly with the user.

If you're halfway there, we can run our eagle eyes over your draft copy to flag any erronious grammar, spelling, and to polish your content where required.

Web Systems Management

Let us manage the integrations between your website, your back office systems, your marketing channels, your booking systems and your warehouses. If you can think of an integration we have probably done it.

Portfolio Highlights

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